Friday, 8 April 2016

Kids fun at the Cape Wheel

We had the pleasure of hosting 87 pupils from Dennegeur Primary School this week. As part of the Turn For Good initiative the Cape Wheel sponsored transport from the school and back, a complimentary ride on the wheel and a meal for the kids to enjoy after their ride.

Such a great cause, well done to all involved. We hope the kids enjoyed their day at the Cape Wheel!

Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Worthy Cause and Everyone Can Help!

You all have shoes you don't wear anymore, right? Those ones at the back of your cupboard? Well dig them out and donate them to this very worthy cause. All shoes are fixed and resold by those less fortunate in order to create a sustainable livelihood.

Cape Wheel has sponsored prizes for the class that collects the most!

Pic taken from These shoes are made for working Facebook page

Sharing the UJW press release:

UJW launches campaign to collect 25 000 shoes

12 MAY 2014

CAPE TOWN – The Union of Jewish Woman (UJW) Cape Town has launched These Shoes are made for Working – a campaign to collect 25 000 pairs of gently worn shoes that will be repaired and resold by those less fortunate in order to create a sustainable livelihood.

The campaign will run from May – July 2014. Members of the wider Cape Town community are encouraged to donate any pair of gently worn shoes or shoes that have not sold and are also encouraged to organise shoe drives in their own communities and/or organisations.

All types of shoes are appreciated, provided that they are matching pairs.

Proud sponsors of the campaign include:
Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp
Cape Union Mart
Hush Puppies
Associated Magazines
Protea Hotels
Herzlia Constantia
The Cape Wheel

Shoes can be dropped off from Mon-Friday before 2pm at:
7 Albany Road,
Sea Point.

For collection, please call 021 434 9555 or email

About These Shoes are Made for Working
All donated shoes will be redistributed to microenterprise partners through Funds2Orgs. The shoes are used in developing countries for impoverished people to start, maintain and grow a microenterprise business. Thanks to this opportunity, individuals are able to feed, clothe, and house their families through an income generation project. Collected shoes are shipped to on-the-ground business operators where they clean, repair, or melt down outsoles if necessary, to make a new pair of shoes. Visit the Facebook page:

About The UJW
The Union of Jewish Woman (UJW) Cape Town is a registered NGO which has been committed to providing for needy communities in Cape Town and surrounding areas for 80+years. For more information, visit:

About Funds2Orgs
Funds2Orgs is a Social Enterprise that provides solutions to help raise funds and engage volunteers in order to create a sustainable, lasting impact. For more information, visit:

For more information about this campaign and assistance in setting up your own shoe drive, please contact Amanda Zar: 

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Amaarah Reaches her Dream

The Cape Wheel loves to be able to help make a dream come true and this story is about a little girl named Amaarah and her special day...

Amaarah is 10, a sweet girl with warm smiling eyes and a joy that seems misplaced in a hospital where she unfortunately has had to spend too much time.

Once Amaarah was well enough The Protea Hotel Breakwater Lodge, in the V&A Waterfront, and Reach for a Dream had a special weekend planned for her and her family.

It started with a overnight in the hotel, with huge pizzas all round and lots of fun. The next day a trip to the Two Oceans Aquarium, which was an absolute highlight, exploring the marina on Tommy the Tugboat, and then a ride on the Cape Wheel.

She loved every minute of her ride being high above the city and on such a perfect, sunny, spring day (rather rare in Cape Town at the moment).

Then a delicious lunch at Primi Piatti. To top it all Amaarah was presented with a purple bicycle and fruit basket.

Wow what a super special day! Thanks to Jenni from Reach for a Dream for letting us help.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Reaching High for a Dream

Each month a “Reach for a Dream” child is selected to help make their dreams come true.

This month Akhona was chosen and the plan was to take her, her brother & sister out for a full day of activities at the V&A Waterfront.

One of the planned activities was a ride on the Cape Wheel and we were happy to sponsor this request for the group.

Akhona is 14 year old and has Rheumatic Heart Disease. Her parents are deceased and she lives with her brother & sister. Akhona likes watching Generations, her favourite music is Rihanna and Justin Bieber and she enjoys eating McDonalds.

Her father told her that she should be a Lawyer one day…

There are many ways to help a child's dream come true so visit Reach for a Dream and get involved today!

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Nosiphiwo's Birthday Dream Comes True.

On Sunday Nosiphiwo arrived at the V&A Waterfront for the first time in her life, and for her 17th birthday the Cape Wheel Team surprised her and her friends with a sponsored ride on the Cape Wheel.

Nosiphiwo is a remarkable girl from the De Grendel Farm who, despite her underprivileged and difficult childhood, has achieved high academic and sports results. Currently Nosiphiwo lives with an elderly aunt and does house keeping, cooking and washing in between her studies and sport.

Recently Nosiphiwo received a full mentorship from the Madrinha Trust in the UK and they are also going to pay for her full university education and related costs. So a very exciting future for Nosiphiwo and it's thanks to Toni Tresadern.

Toni Tresadern runs an NGO and a safe house for special needs children, the Thandanani Care Centre. All the children have mental disabilities of various degrees (low mental functioning) and most are foetal alcohol syndrome children. However they are all functionally well within their various capabilities and currently attending main stream school, although most will go on to completing their education in a skills school.

Toni spends an enormous amount of time trying to educate and empower the underprivileged children in the community as well as looking after all the De Grendel Farm children, the Richwood bush children and a group of 45 from Du Noon.

The last letter from Nosiphiwo's mentor in England had a picture of the London Eye in it and she was amazed at this wheel. When Toni told her that there was one at the Waterfront, she mentioned that she had never been to the Waterfront in her life! So Toni approached the Cape Wheel to ask if Nosiphiwo and her friends could come for a ride.

Of course we were happy to help her dream come true.